The Saintess Next Door is a Super Popular VTuber – Chapter 11

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The Saintess Next Door is a Super Popular VTuber Whose Character was Designed by Me
Tonari ni Sunderu Seijo-sama wa Ore ga Chara-Design o Tantoushita Daininki VTuber deshita

Chapter 11 – The Chaotic Problem Consultation Room Part 2


“This is beyond my capability. I don’t see any chance this is going to end well.”

“Impossible thing.”



At the beginning of the New Year, the three of them were racking our brains over what could be called the most difficult consultation of all.

What advice should they give in a situation that is clearly deadlocked?


It was too heavy for them three mere high school students and they did not have enough life experience, but Asumi probably made her choice because she thought it would liven up the livestream and the comments.


However, there was a hint of regret in Asumi’s tone.


“It’s impossible to reset a relationship if you have an affair, then get pregnant.”

“Only a certain quick-witted monk would be able to pull off such an impossible feat.”

“Like, sounds the wooden fish and ring the bell, yes.” (TLN: *Poku poku* *ching*.)

“For now, let’s think of something! If we three work together, we can come up with transcendent wisdom.”


Iori and Reina were in the mood to give up.

As a result of the fact that she was the one who brought it up, Asumi was trying her best to dissuade the two of them.


“There’s only a way, isn’t it? Put back the time! It’s got to be something like that.”

“Only those two who could do that.”

“Divergence Meter…… Return to Death……” (TLN: Steins;Gate & Re:Zero)

“Can we leave the time travel methods?”

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“Then all you can do is apologize.”

“If you just pull your tail in vain, it’s only going to be round and round, and in the meantime, these consultants’ stomaches are going to get rounder and rounder.”


The three of them were seriously worried but could not come up with a good solution, so they were making fun of each other.


“Or better yet, have all four of you and your paramours to life together……”

“”That’s it!””


Then Asumi, who had been retorting on the matter, commented so half-heartedly and with resignation, and the other two raised their voices.


[Awkward KUSA] [Not even a solution] [Raising a child with the four of you, makes sense] [A brand new parenting style] [Overly irresponsible HAHA][From daytime drama to Terrace H*use show?] [Jēniyas HAHA]



The comment section also showed a variety of reactions, but few listeners thought that Asumi’s opinion was a solution.


“So, our conclusion is.”

“”Just apologize and live together.””

“That’s it. That is all our conclusion.”


So, it was settled, at least for the time being.

Of course, all three of them knew that this was not a solution.


In fact, it was doubtful that even the clients thought they could solve the problem.

It was pointless to consult this kind of problem to a high school VTuber’s consultation room.


“Okay, let’s get back on track and move on to the next one.”

At the training ground where the members of the knight order practiced hard.
As an instructor, I was teaching swords to all the Knights.

"Then, the next step is to swing the sword a thousand times. You won't improve just by swinging blindly. You need to imagine the opponent's movement."
""A, thousand times?""
"Kaizer-san. Are you sure you not making a mistake one digit?"
"Oh, right."
"When I and Elsa were in the village, we used to swing 10,000 times a day, but, you guys won't be done until the day changes, will you?
""You misinterpret the word mistake on one digit, are you?""

The standard of my and Elsa's training was probably too high, and most of them couldn't follow even the light menu.

"Come on, you'd better hurry up or it's going to get dark."

I clapped my hands and urged them.
The knights began to swing their swords while screaming.
As the warming up, they were running ten times around the training ground with their armor on, few of them could swing their swords properly.

"Is Knight Commander Elsa doing this training from an early age..."
"I thought she was a genuine genius swordsman.....that's why she's so strong.. we didn't even reach half effort she did."
"Either Kaizer-dono or Knight Commander Elsa is outrageous..."

I saw the helpless knights and mumbled.

"Umm. Looks like our normal isn't everyone's normal.''
"I was surprised when I came to the royal capital, because the training of the Knights, which was known to be tough, was felt only in lukewarm water. The training I had done with chichiue was, to most people, out of the norm."

Elsa murmured next to me.

"I didn't mean to be particularly strict...."
"I think so, too"

The knights couldn't endure the training and exhausted. Then one by one, they fell like a broken doll.
But, one person among them――.

“Okay, it’s my turn, let’s see, it’s from “Konatsu”-san.”


[Hyouka-san, Reina-san, Kankitsu-mama, Konuka desu~. Happy New Year! I have a question for you, Kankitsu-mama. I am trying to become an illustrator, but I can’t keep up the effort. Sometimes I even hate going to my desk. How can I make an effort? Also, I would like to ask you about the secret to hard work and how Mama is doing. I respect Mama for becoming a professional while still a student, so please keep up your best.]


“Hmm, it’s addressed to Sensei.”

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“This is a fine question, this is.”

“Indeed, I’d like to hear how Mama usually does it.”


Reina picked a question for Kankitsu, an illustrator, a concern unique to someone who aspires to be an illustrator.


Unlike the previous question, this was a perfect subject for the worry room.

Iori began to liven up.


“Well, I don’t like going to my desk either. It’s too much trouble.”

“Ah, all creators say that, don’t they? Payao said the same thing as well.”

“Besides, I’m not trying to get better at what I do or get more work. How should I put it, I’m kind of scared of it.”


[I can relate to that] [Hahe] [Drawing is a pain in the ass, isn’t it?] [I see] [Writing novels are the same] [Payao KUSA]


Iori, rather than giving advice, began to talk about himself first.

Reina responded, “I knew it,” and many in the comments section sympathized with him.


“And you mean?”

“I’m afraid of slacking off and becoming incompetent, and I’m afraid of a future where I’ll regret not making the effort. That’s why I’m doing my best.”

“That sounds like you, Mama. I may be like that too. If I don’t stream, I feel like I’ve lost my identity.”


[Seriously, this is cool] [Mama’s cramazing, right?] [Truly] [It’s scary to become bad at it, isn’t it?] [Huh~] [So that’s the same for streamers as well?] [This jobless me is…….]


After Iori spoke his true feelings, Asumi also shared hers.

The comment section continued to be filled with similar opinions.


Perhaps some viewers aspire to be content creators of some kind.

Her story seems to have a lot in common.


“Hyouka is a livestream monster, isn’t she?”

“And you need to deliver a little more often. You only did it three times last month.”

“It’s a pain in the a*s.”


Cecilia akhirnya sampai di depan makhluk buas itu.

Perbedaan ukurannya begitu besar sehingga ia harus mendongak untuk melihat wajah binatang itu, dan Cecilia yang ramping akan terinjak-injak dalam sekejap.


"Aku ngerti...... aku ngerti kok, Julis ......"

Cecilia memeluk kaki depan yang besar dan kokoh itu.

"Itu pedih, kan? Itu menyiksa, kan? Aku yakin Julis berusaha ngelindungin seseorang terus menjadi kaya gini....... Beneran deh, Julis itu baik banget. Biarpun dia sangat menderita sendiri."

Makhluk buas itu mengarahkan kaki depannya yang lain ke Cecilia, mencoba menarik Cecilia yang memeluknya menjauh.



"I, ini......"

Kaki depan itu berhenti tepat pada waktunya.

Cecilia tidak terluka, dan kaki depan itu berhenti tanpa tanda perlawanan.

Namun penderitaan itu muncul dalam bentuk teriakan.



"Aku belum bisa balas budi sama Julis buat segalanya...... Julis selalu ngelindungi aku, tapi aku terus banyak ngerepotin Julis.────Cuma ini yang bisa aku lakuin buat Julis sekarang."

Cecilia menguatkan lengannya yang memeluk kaki depan itu.

Ia ingin kehangatannya dirasakan, ia ingin perasaannya tersampaikan.

Cecilia tersenyum lembut pada makhluk buas itu, mengatakan kepadanya bahwa tidak apa-apa sekarang, bahwa dia tidak perlu berusaha terlalu keras.

"Aku bakal ada di sisi Julis...... sepanjang waktu, sepanjang masa. Julis ngga cocok sama penampilan kaya gitu, tahu? Kalo kamu balik lagi ke Julis yang biasanya, yang konyol, yang bisa diandalin, sama yang lembut.────Aku bakal seneng banget."

[KUSA] [#ReinaGoHaveAStream] [The Livestream monster and the slacker one] [Ukamaru, please have some rest] [#ReinaGoHaveAStream] [Uka-chan, have some rest. Reina, have a stream]


As Reina said those words carefreely, she received a flood of comments from Asumi and the viewers.

Asumi streamed every day, and on weekends, she usually did it twice.

During long vacations, there were days when she would do it three times.


On the other hand, Reina often did not stream unless she was in the mood, and in the worst case, she usually streamed several times a month, just like Asumi said.

And a strange hashtag “#ReinaGoHaveAStream” was also created.


“That said. The advice I can give you is, Why don’t you just pick up a pen and go for it? I heard that motivation doesn’t come unless you start doing things.”

“I hear that a lot. That’s what they say in psychology, too.”

“Dopamine, right?”

“And if you don’t feel like doing something, you don’t have to do it. It’s also important to take a break, you know?”

“Yup yup, just like me.”

“As for you, you’re taking too much of a break, Reina…….”


Iori gave some advice to the client with his own experiences and senses.

He put in considerable effort, but it was not uncommon for his hands to stop working, and he knew exactly how the client felt.


The comments from listeners who are also aspiring to become content creators or engaged in creative industries gave the impression that they were encouraged by Iori’s advice.


“Too much rest is indeed not good. But I’m just happy when I can have some rest. Fufufu……”

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“Yes, you’re right. Fufufu……”

“Oh…… it’s tough being a heavenly illustrator and a popular streamer, right.”


[Some darkness comes out of the blue, KUSA] [So this is working people are] [both of you go get some rest!] [But it’s better than not selling] [KUSA] [Mama who draws illustrations, is a student, and does streaming is also a monster] [Get some rest] [Rest]


When the topic of having some rest came up, he spoke with enough darkness in his tone of voice.

Asumi, who was at the peak of her busyness, agrees with him, while Reina, who was keeping her own pace, muttered as if it was someone else’s problem.


Perhaps Reina, who was gaining popularity but streamed only moderately, was the most righteous of all.


“All right, now that I’ve shown you the darkness, let’s move on to the consultation of my choosing.”

“Yes please.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The name of the client is “My thing is a Superfine Radish”-san. This is sure a hideous name.”

(TLN: SUS!!!)


[Happy New Year to you three. And then, Konuka~. I’m a big fan of Reina-san and would like to become a VTuber myself, and what kind of people are suited for the job? Also, what do you do about the slanders and antis that appear when you become popular? I’d like to ask Kankitsu-sensei about that too. Thank you very much.]


“He said, but what does it take to be a Vtuber?”


“It’s the money.”

“That’s very vivid, yes.”


A very appropriate consultation to be sent to a VTuber’s consultation room appeared.


Iori himself had been wondering about the necessary things to become a streamer, so he chose to ask this question.


When he asked Asumi and Reina, they both gave the same answer.


And from this point on, the two of them began to talk about the vivid information and the realities of VTubers.


[To be Continued]

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