The Deadly Sins Sorcerer v2c8

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The Deadly Sins Sorcerer of Magic Academy
Mahou Gakuen no Taizai Majutsushi

Arc 2 Martial Arts Festival

Reminiscence ~Musée Albert~


In one place, there was a girl.

It might be a little strange to call her a girl, but in terms of her appearance, she could be described as a girl.


She had light pink hair, a petite figure, a pretty face, and two sharp fangs.

Her pointed ears, though not as sharp as those of the elves, prove that she is not human.


Such a girl was on a journey.

She had been touted as a brave, but for her, honor, status, and wealth were of no importance. She had left the kingdom where she had lived for so many years and traveled to many countries over the decades.


And then she ended up in the country where she used to live.

In the end, she did not find what she was looking for────


“This and that is nay fine……. wouldst t beest bett’r if I seeketh the Hero and asketh that gent to killeth me?”


The girl muttered in an archaic tone that was far removed from her appearance.

Her face showed a sense of resignation, and her demeanor was at its most throwaway.


“Three hundr’d years has’t already hath passed, eh……. time really flyeth by──── too slow f’r me.”


Three hundred years have passed since the girl first came into the world.

The oldest age of the long-lived elves is 356 years old. The girl is about to break that record in just a few more years. Whether or not that record is up for renewal is beside the point, as she is not an elf.


“Good grief, I am truly troubled, dear moth’r…… f’r giving me a physique liketh this…….”

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The girl laughed weakly and suddenly created countless spears out of nothingness.

Then, she thrust a spear────into her own heart.




The girl bled profusely from her slender chest and mouth.


Any living creature of any species is destined to die if it is pierced through the heart, which is the vital organ.

In the world, the apostle of the goddess known as the saintess, is the only one who can manage to heal such an injury.


But────this girl is different.


“What …… is’t already did heal up, damn’d fool……”


The hole in the girl’s body was quickly closed and healed as she pulled out the spear.

Her heart was restored as if nothing had happened, leaving a hole in her clothes.


Without deciding on a purpose or destination, she arrived at a remote forest on the edge of the Lapis Lazuli Kingdom.

There, the girl wept in secret────






At the training ground where the members of the knight order practiced hard.
As an instructor, I was teaching swords to all the Knights.

"Then, the next step is to swing the sword a thousand times. You won't improve just by swinging blindly. You need to imagine the opponent's movement."
""A, thousand times?""
"Kaizer-san. Are you sure you not making a mistake one digit?"
"Oh, right."
"When I and Elsa were in the village, we used to swing 10,000 times a day, but, you guys won't be done until the day changes, will you?
""You misinterpret the word mistake on one digit, are you?""

The standard of my and Elsa's training was probably too high, and most of them couldn't follow even the light menu.

"Come on, you'd better hurry up or it's going to get dark."

I clapped my hands and urged them.
The knights began to swing their swords while screaming.
As the warming up, they were running ten times around the training ground with their armor on, few of them could swing their swords properly.

"Is Knight Commander Elsa doing this training from an early age..."
"I thought she was a genuine genius swordsman.....that's why she's so strong.. we didn't even reach half effort she did."
"Either Kaizer-dono or Knight Commander Elsa is outrageous..."

I saw the helpless knights and mumbled.

"Umm. Looks like our normal isn't everyone's normal.''
"I was surprised when I came to the royal capital, because the training of the Knights, which was known to be tough, was felt only in lukewarm water. The training I had done with chichiue was, to most people, out of the norm."

Elsa murmured next to me.

"I didn't mean to be particularly strict...."
"I think so, too"

The knights couldn't endure the training and exhausted. Then one by one, they fell like a broken doll.
But, one person among them――.

Musée Albert is a vampire.

The race, which ranks high among the demons, lives in the dark of night and sucks the blood of others to maintain eternal life and youth.

The more blood they suck, the longer they live and the more powerful their unique vampire magic becomes.


For humans, they are troublesome opponents.

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In the dark night, vampires are immortal, and their unique magic is diverse and versatile, and they can use a variety of tactics────to suck your blood and scatter your life.


However, vampires are not absolutely immortal.


Those who live in the dark night are vulnerable to the sun, and when exposed to the sun, the blood in their bodies boils and they eventually disappear into ashes. They are also weak against the divine magic possessed by priests and are weakened if they do not regularly take blood.

Therefore, if they are not taken out into the sun and consume blood, they are weakened to the point where they are no better than lesser demons.


But that was not the case with Musée Albert.

The concept of death and weakness did not exist for Muse.


This was because Musée was a hybrid────a Half.

She was a girl who inherited from her father vampire’s trait of “immortality” and unique magic, but didn’t inherit the vampire’s weakness.

She did not need to suck blood and could walk around in the daylight at will.


That was why this girl named Musée Albert was────absolutely immortal.

She betrayed the demons and brought herself to a country inhabited by humans, where she had lived for many years.


In all ages and countries.

What such an immortal being seek was────her own death.


Even at this moment, when the sun shone through the trees upon her skin, Musée simply walked in the middle of nowhere, seeking her death.


Whether it is tearing her flesh, burning her whole body, breaking off her neck, or drowning her in the sea.

……Musée could not die.


Hence, she walked on.

Her expression is one of resignation, but she still believes in a little hope and────


“Dammit……! Everyone’s making fun of me!”



At that time, she suddenly heard a voice from nearby.

The voice was still sounding young──── probably the voice of a young boy.

Cecilia akhirnya sampai di depan makhluk buas itu.

Perbedaan ukurannya begitu besar sehingga ia harus mendongak untuk melihat wajah binatang itu, dan Cecilia yang ramping akan terinjak-injak dalam sekejap.


"Aku ngerti...... aku ngerti kok, Julis ......"

Cecilia memeluk kaki depan yang besar dan kokoh itu.

"Itu pedih, kan? Itu menyiksa, kan? Aku yakin Julis berusaha ngelindungin seseorang terus menjadi kaya gini....... Beneran deh, Julis itu baik banget. Biarpun dia sangat menderita sendiri."

Makhluk buas itu mengarahkan kaki depannya yang lain ke Cecilia, mencoba menarik Cecilia yang memeluknya menjauh.



"I, ini......"

Kaki depan itu berhenti tepat pada waktunya.

Cecilia tidak terluka, dan kaki depan itu berhenti tanpa tanda perlawanan.

Namun penderitaan itu muncul dalam bentuk teriakan.



"Aku belum bisa balas budi sama Julis buat segalanya...... Julis selalu ngelindungi aku, tapi aku terus banyak ngerepotin Julis.────Cuma ini yang bisa aku lakuin buat Julis sekarang."

Cecilia menguatkan lengannya yang memeluk kaki depan itu.

Ia ingin kehangatannya dirasakan, ia ingin perasaannya tersampaikan.

Cecilia tersenyum lembut pada makhluk buas itu, mengatakan kepadanya bahwa tidak apa-apa sekarang, bahwa dia tidak perlu berusaha terlalu keras.

"Aku bakal ada di sisi Julis...... sepanjang waktu, sepanjang masa. Julis ngga cocok sama penampilan kaya gitu, tahu? Kalo kamu balik lagi ke Julis yang biasanya, yang konyol, yang bisa diandalin, sama yang lembut.────Aku bakal seneng banget."


Muse casually headed towards where the voice came from.

She waded through the grass and eventually arrived at the source of the voice…… and there he was, as expected, a young boy.


“It is not that I want to be without mana either…… and yet…… Goddamn it!”


Tears streamed down his face as he slammed his fist into the ground over and over again.

His eyes reflected frustration and…… craving.

“……What are you doing in a place like this?”



Musée called out to the boy. Then the boy immediately turned to her and made a surprised face.


“Do not beest so surpris’d liketh that. I am not trying to attacketh thee────”

“Are you going to making fun of me too?”



A sudden leap in the conversation.

Which part of Musée’s statement was meant to make fun of him?

Musée could not bear to wonder.


But the boy’s anger was still unrelenting.

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“Just because I don’t have mana! Just because I can’t use magic! ……is it that great, huh! Is it that great to be able to use magic? I, too, wanted the power to be able to protect someone…… and not be made a fool of! I, too────”




“I was born in this body not because I wanted to!”



A sorrowful boy’s cry.

That made Musée think what?


(I was born in this body not because I wanted to…… huh?)


She totally understood the pain.


That feeling.
That sadness.
The meaning of those words.


She felt────how much it hurts.


That was why Musée stepped forward.

She approached the boy with tears streaming down his face and biting his lip.


“Hey, thee?”


She made him look up and gazed straight into his moist eyes.


“Thee wanteth pow’r, doth thee not? A pow’r that shall not alloweth anyone did beat thee, a pow’r that shall not alloweth anyone maketh fun of thee────”


“Then I shall grant thy wisheth. I shall maketh thee mine own──── disciple.”


Were these words a whim? Or was it because she empathized with the boy’s words?


Only Musée knew for sure.



Musée had no idea at the time that this boy would eventually become the one to grant her wish.


[To be Continued]

Sorry guys, last month was pretty busy, and only able to update now.

the me now is an apprentice, and in the training period.

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