Mahou Gakuen no Taizai Majutsushi

The Deadly Sins Sorcerer v1c32

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The Deadly Sins Sorcerer of Magic Academy
Mahou Gakuen no Taizai Majutsushi

Arc 1 Admission to Royal Magic Academy



This place was off the grounds of the academy. The area was thickly covered with trees, and the sun shone brightly through the trees.
Julis, who had walked an hour from the academy on foot, was soon walking through the Forest of Lost in order to hunt for monsters.


“Isn’t it strange to have a walking competition nowadays? What about horse-drawn carriages? Don’t they usually provide carriages? I mean, it’s not right that there is no carriage for me here! I’ll tell Master and cut your salary!”


Although Caesar in question didn’t hear him, Julis still shouted up to the heavens.
For a person who had mastered Sloth and Pride, the long-distance walk was excruciating.


“Physical fitness is a basic requirement for both mages and knights…… so don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

“That’s right, Julis! Muscle and strength are a must for any man!”

“This feels so nostalgic~, I feel so at home in the woods like this!”


Anastasia, Richard, and Mirabelle walk behind Julis.
No one but Julis and the others could be seen around————which was not surprising since the other parties were entering the forest at different times and places. Of course, Caesar was waiting at the position where he could see the signal.


“Well, that’s fine…… but I’m worried about Cecilia…….”

“You’re so overprotective.”

“Shut up.”

Cecilia was not a fighter type. So, no wonder Julis was worried.
In addition to that, it might be no wonder that Julis was worried————he heard that Byrne, who had just hit on her the other day, was also in the same party.


“Well, but it’s okay, isn’t it? Emilia is the second strongest after Julis, right?”


In fact, Emilia is strong in both magic and combat.
He had an image of princesses being weak, but that was surprisingly not the case.


She was a magician who has achieved the next best results in practical skills after Julis, and she kicked others away with her overwhelming amount of magical power,…….
Her ability was greater than that of Anastasia and the others, and she’d not lag behind them.


“……Well, that’s true, but…”

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Still, Julis turned to him with concern.


“Speaking of which, I’ve always wondered …… how Julis-kun and Cecilia-chan met?”


As they were exploring with such an exchange, Mirabelle suddenly raised a question.


“Aaa, that’s something I’m curious about too.”

“Me too!”


As if they were in sync, they asked Julis who was walking ahead of them.


“I don’t think it’s that interesting or dramatic…….”


Without making face contact, Julis told them plainly, remembering the old days.


“I just happened to run into her when she was out on her missionary journey. Then, for some reason, Cecilia didn’t return from our house————and well, here we are.”


“I see.”


Julis blurred out the part of her about being attacked by bandits. Mentioning it here would only make the atmosphere worse, and Cecilia herself did not have a good feeling about that time,————hence, it was a consideration.

“Really, why she didn’t want to return……?”


Even if she was the one he want to protect, Cecilia was a saintess who specializes in healing————she had no strength of her own, and there will be a limit to how far Julis alone could protect her.
If that was the case, it was safer to be protected under a strong knight and escort————and that’s why he wanted her to…… return to the church as soon as possible.


(But as long as I’m around, I’ll never let go of her hand…….)

At the training ground where the members of the knight order practiced hard.
As an instructor, I was teaching swords to all the Knights.

"Then, the next step is to swing the sword a thousand times. You won't improve just by swinging blindly. You need to imagine the opponent's movement."
""A, thousand times?""
"Kaizer-san. Are you sure you not making a mistake one digit?"
"Oh, right."
"When I and Elsa were in the village, we used to swing 10,000 times a day, but, you guys won't be done until the day changes, will you?
""You misinterpret the word mistake on one digit, are you?""

The standard of my and Elsa's training was probably too high, and most of them couldn't follow even the light menu.

"Come on, you'd better hurry up or it's going to get dark."

I clapped my hands and urged them.
The knights began to swing their swords while screaming.
As the warming up, they were running ten times around the training ground with their armor on, few of them could swing their swords properly.

"Is Knight Commander Elsa doing this training from an early age..."
"I thought she was a genuine genius swordsman.....that's why she's so strong.. we didn't even reach half effort she did."
"Either Kaizer-dono or Knight Commander Elsa is outrageous..."

I saw the helpless knights and mumbled.

"Umm. Looks like our normal isn't everyone's normal.''
"I was surprised when I came to the royal capital, because the training of the Knights, which was known to be tough, was felt only in lukewarm water. The training I had done with chichiue was, to most people, out of the norm."

Elsa murmured next to me.

"I didn't mean to be particularly strict...."
"I think so, too"

The knights couldn't endure the training and exhausted. Then one by one, they fell like a broken doll.
But, one person among them――.


That’s when it happened————




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From behind the grass in front of me, he heard such a snarl.
Wolves with black, filthy furs and ferocious drooling mouths revealing sharp-looking fangs.


“It’s Black Wolves…….”


As soon as Richard and the others saw the Black Wolf, they immediately began to set up their formation.
Seven Black Wolves appeared one after another. This was unusual for Black Wolves, which basically solitary.


Richard and the others were becoming increasingly wary. They must never let their guard down in the exchange of life————even if it was a weak one.


“Hey, Mirabelle? Black Wolf’s pelt fetched a surprisingly good price, didn’t it?”

“Eh……!? It, it did…….”


Mirabelle was surprised at Julis’ words, who showed no caution at all, but still replied to him.
The Black Wolf, was not a strong monster, but its pelt was used for various weapons and armor, so it was sold for a fair price.


Hearing this, Julis laughed faintly.


“As I recall, Caesar-sensei told us to bring only the tail……, which means I can do whatever I want with the other parts————Then, I’ll take and sell it…… so I can make money to go to the whorehouse…… Yes, I can!!!!”


Julis mumbled to himself.
Mirabelle and the others, who could not hear him well, were just wondering and worrying about Julis’s behavior.
They couldn’t help but remember.


“I want…… want, really want…… money, materials, all of you, I want all————I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want.”


Mirabelle and the others were surprised when Julis begins to rant and rave.
They were surprised at the sudden change in Julis’ behavior, and at his greediness. The focus of Mirabelle and the others were shifted not on the black wolf, but on Julis, who was standing in front of them.




A pack of Black Wolves snarled and gradually closes the distance. They were trying to satisfy their hunger by preying on Julis and the others.


But Julis was undaunted.


“Aa, …… I want all of you. For the satisfaction of my greed, I desire all of you.”



“Your rights of moving your own limbs, Black wolves————I deprive them all.”


Cecilia akhirnya sampai di depan makhluk buas itu.

Perbedaan ukurannya begitu besar sehingga ia harus mendongak untuk melihat wajah binatang itu, dan Cecilia yang ramping akan terinjak-injak dalam sekejap.


"Aku ngerti...... aku ngerti kok, Julis ......"

Cecilia memeluk kaki depan yang besar dan kokoh itu.

"Itu pedih, kan? Itu menyiksa, kan? Aku yakin Julis berusaha ngelindungin seseorang terus menjadi kaya gini....... Beneran deh, Julis itu baik banget. Biarpun dia sangat menderita sendiri."

Makhluk buas itu mengarahkan kaki depannya yang lain ke Cecilia, mencoba menarik Cecilia yang memeluknya menjauh.



"I, ini......"

Kaki depan itu berhenti tepat pada waktunya.

Cecilia tidak terluka, dan kaki depan itu berhenti tanpa tanda perlawanan.

Namun penderitaan itu muncul dalam bentuk teriakan.



"Aku belum bisa balas budi sama Julis buat segalanya...... Julis selalu ngelindungi aku, tapi aku terus banyak ngerepotin Julis.────Cuma ini yang bisa aku lakuin buat Julis sekarang."

Cecilia menguatkan lengannya yang memeluk kaki depan itu.

Ia ingin kehangatannya dirasakan, ia ingin perasaannya tersampaikan.

Cecilia tersenyum lembut pada makhluk buas itu, mengatakan kepadanya bahwa tidak apa-apa sekarang, bahwa dia tidak perlu berusaha terlalu keras.

"Aku bakal ada di sisi Julis...... sepanjang waktu, sepanjang masa. Julis ngga cocok sama penampilan kaya gitu, tahu? Kalo kamu balik lagi ke Julis yang biasanya, yang konyol, yang bisa diandalin, sama yang lembut.────Aku bakal seneng banget."



The Black Wolves in front of them crumbled to the ground in an instant.






“Woo hoo! Now the Black Wolves are mine~!”


When Julis confirmed that the Black Wolves are collapsed, he went toward them with a happy expression on his face.
Then, one after another, he put his sword to the neck of the unresisting Black Wolves and reap their lives.


The picture was madness. Perhaps still unable to comprehend the sight and the scene that occurred before their eyes, Mirabelle and the others just stood there with their mouths open.


But even so, Julis steadily reaped the Black Wolf’s lives.


Anastasia, who had returned to reality, opened her mouth on behalf of the others.


“Y, you……, what the h*ll did you do?”



Perhaps reacting to her voice, Julis stopped moving his hand to move his sword and turned his attention to Anastasia.


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“What did I do…… I just deprived their right to move their own limbs?”


Julis replied in a matter-of-fact manner. But Anastasia still did not fully understand.


“My Avaritia————it’s a deadly sin sorcery that collects rights. Whether it is breathing, spending money, or turning that thought around…… there’s always a right there, and I take that right in the name of greed————It’s that kind of sorcery.”


Julis’ Avaritia.
The sorcery that bore the name of greed was a sorcery that collected the rights of all things.


Rights were attached to oneself and others without being aware of them, but they are inalienable.
But Julis could deprive those rights————and return them.
That was the sorcery of Avaritia,…… sorcery of Julis’ desire to possess things for himself.


“C, can it be used on us?”


Mirabelle asked with a sense of dread.


“……Well, it’s not impossible. But even if I can, I can’t do it as I did with these guys……. because my Avaritia is a sorcery that interferes with the consciousness of the other party.”


“Yes. Rights are exercised in one’s consciousness……. Therefore, this Avaritia cannot deprive without intervening in consciousness and getting the permission from the other party————which means, I can’t use it if they resist my Avaritia.”


That was why Julis only used Avaritia on mindless creatures such as monsters.
Avaritia could affect a wide area and all those within its field of vision, but it was impossible to deprive the rights if they refused.


In this respect, monsters have no mind to be conscious of their rights, so they could just permit all the rights Julis wanted————like the Black Wolves in this case.


(Well, there are exceptions, but…… it is no point in mentioning them……)


If the target refused, Julis’ Avaritia would not be triggered.
But conversely, if the target didn’t refuse, he could deprive every right.


But he would not mention that here.


“I’m relieved to hear that, otherwise…… it would be horrendous.”

“Y, you’re right…… I got a little shiver……”


Anastasia and the others were relieved to hear Julis’ words.
Seeing this, Julis shrugged his shoulders.


“I’m a greedy guy, and that’s for sure, yet I’m not that atrocious……, even if it doesn’t satisfy, my greed.”


Thus, Julis and his party reached their quota as soon as they started.



“Nooow, the fun was about to begin……!!!”

One evil cult follower was lurking in the shadows.
A nihilistic smile of that person dissolved into the bushes.



[To be Continued]

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