Mahou Gakuen no Taizai Majutsushi

The Deadly Sins Sorcerer v1c27

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The Deadly Sins Sorcerer of Magic Academy
Mahou Gakuen no Taizai Majutsushi

Arc 1 Admission to Royal Magic Academy

Princess’s Request


“…… Escort, huh?”
“…… Yes.”


Julis looked down at Emilia as they continue their conversation. There was still no sign of Byrne and the others under Julis regaining their consciousness.


“I guess that doesn’t mean I should become────your exclusive knight and escort you. I believe Princess Emilia had already an exclusive knight that was appointed to escort her the other day. It was also a member of the Royal Court’s Kingsguard.”
“Yes…… indeed, there was a knight who was just appointed the other day.”


Each of the royal family members had their own exclusive knight who was selected for his or her abilities.
And the other day────before she entered the academy, Emilia’s former exclusive knight retired, and the royal family had just announced a new exclusive knight grandly.


“And as I said in the cafeteria, I’m just another student here────so you don’t have to be so formal about it, okay?
“…… I see.”


Julis wondered why he was surrounded by people who disliked formalities.
In a way, someone like Byrne might be easier to deal with.


“So, let me get straight to the point────What do you mean by “that time”?”


Unlike Mirabelle, Julis, who was highly adaptable, reverted to his usual tone and asked.


“……This has not yet been made public, but the other day he committed treason.”


Julis said, his voice was rising to the top of his lungs at Emilia’s surprising statement.


“H, hey…… What’s that supposed to mean? When you say treason, you mean────”
“As you can imagine, the man who was appointed the other day…… although this’s a secret, attempted to assassinate me. I was lucky enough to get away, but────he is still on the run and has not been traced.” (TLN: I’m not sure X’D)
“I really don’t know what happened…… and to my shame, I don’t even know his motives. But I do know that he said, “Everything is for the resurrection of The Evil Dragon!”.”


Julis was rendered speechless by the topic.
All of the knights who serve the royal family were chosen for their loyalty. It’s important for the country to select people that the royal family could trust with their loyalty and back, and it’s also something that the people long for.

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If it turned out to be a rebellion, it would be like telling the people that the royal family’s eyes are blind, and it would discourage those who want to become exclusive knights.
……That’s why they haven’t announced it yet. Or rather, they can’t.


(I see, …… So this is why there was no one in charge.)


“This is an important matter that only a few people in the royal castle, including the royal family, know about. Please do not tell anyone about it.”
“…… Haa.”


Julis let out a big sigh.
This was because he didn’t expect to be informed of such a thing.


(Though I was planning to have a peaceful school life…….) (TLN: RIP his peacefulness. LMAO)


This was not going to make him feel any better at all.
Julis had fallen into the worst possible situation.


“In fact, if you were in such danger, wouldn’t you normally have an escort? Especially if you’re a princess.”

“Eerm…… Normally, I would have────but we can’t publicize that matter. That’s why I don’t have an escort here…….”
“What the hell is that?”


Still, if you’re a princess, you should have at least an escort. Said Julis, distrusting the country.


“…… Well whatever, let’s continue────So, when you ask me to escort you, are you asking me to protect you from that traitor, Emilia-sama?”
“I’m glad you’re understanding so quickly────To be precise, I need you to protect me until I appoint an exclusive knight.”


While Emilia was choosing a knight to protect her, she wouldn’t have any during her enrollment at the school.
This traitor was the one who tried to assassinate her, so there was a possibility that that person would try to attack her again────so she wanted him to protect her in the meantime….. He guessed.


“If so, you should ask a teacher for that. I think Caesar would be perfect for that.”
“Teachers can be inflexible. On the other hand, if you are in the same class like me, you will be able to adapt to some extent, have time to protect and respond immediately.”


What Emilia was saying makes a lot of sense.
He could always keep an eye on her, and could also help her immediately.

At the training ground where the members of the knight order practiced hard.
As an instructor, I was teaching swords to all the Knights.

"Then, the next step is to swing the sword a thousand times. You won't improve just by swinging blindly. You need to imagine the opponent's movement."
""A, thousand times?""
"Kaizer-san. Are you sure you not making a mistake one digit?"
"Oh, right."
"When I and Elsa were in the village, we used to swing 10,000 times a day, but, you guys won't be done until the day changes, will you?
""You misinterpret the word mistake on one digit, are you?""

The standard of my and Elsa's training was probably too high, and most of them couldn't follow even the light menu.

"Come on, you'd better hurry up or it's going to get dark."

I clapped my hands and urged them.
The knights began to swing their swords while screaming.
As the warming up, they were running ten times around the training ground with their armor on, few of them could swing their swords properly.

"Is Knight Commander Elsa doing this training from an early age..."
"I thought she was a genuine genius swordsman.....that's why she's so strong.. we didn't even reach half effort she did."
"Either Kaizer-dono or Knight Commander Elsa is outrageous..."

I saw the helpless knights and mumbled.

"Umm. Looks like our normal isn't everyone's normal.''
"I was surprised when I came to the royal capital, because the training of the Knights, which was known to be tough, was felt only in lukewarm water. The training I had done with chichiue was, to most people, out of the norm."

Elsa murmured next to me.

"I didn't mean to be particularly strict...."
"I think so, too"

The knights couldn't endure the training and exhausted. Then one by one, they fell like a broken doll.
But, one person among them――.


“Julis-sama is undoubtedly one of the best in this grade, he was able to compete with an S-rank adventurer, Caesar-sensei, so there is no one more suitable for this. For this reason, I’m humbly requesting you, Julis-sama.”


Julis was definitely, in Emilia’s eyes, the most suitable person for this job.
He had all the skills and qualifications────so that was why she’s asking Julis.


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“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to decline that offer.”


────Julis refused.
Perhaps she wasn’t expecting to be turned down, as a result, Emilia let out a surprised voice.


“Why are you surprised? There’s no way I’m going to accept it, is there?”


Julis crosses his legs on top of the pile of people and gave Emilia a more irreverent manner than before.
Emilia, in response, instantly put her earlier surprise behind her and returned to her calm face. That’s what you can expect from a princess.


“……May I, ask why?”
“It’s a very simple reason────there’s no benefit to me in talking that offer.”


The only thing that Emilia said now was that she told Julis to protect her with his body.
In addition to that, the other party was a former personal knight whose abilities had been recognized by the kingdom────and Julis had to risk himself to face such a dangerous person.


In such a situation, what is the advantage that Julis will get by accepting the offer?
The honor of being able to protect the princess? Loyalty? If so, that’s arrogance.
Julis was not loyal enough to this country that he could easily nod his head without making any proposal to his advantage.


“I’m not so saintly as to help people for free────I’ll help anyone I can within my reach, but not this time…… even I don’t know what I’m capable of, there’s no guarantee I can win by protecting you against a supposedly powerful enemy, and I don’t want to be your bodyguard all the time.”
“I’ll give you whatever reward you want! That’s why────”
“Hey hey….. It’s okay to be desperate for the sake of life, but a maiden shouldn’t be supposed to talk about such things lightly. And────I’m sorry Emilia, but with all this power of mine. All I can do is protect one girl.”

Julis had a girl he wanted to protect with all his might.
She’s cute, kind, straightforward, always wanted to help people in need, had been given the blessings of the goddess and had attracted a lot of attention, and was graciously willing to always be there for him────she is such a girl.


“I’m not asking, Emilia to die. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I have someone I want to protect and my hands are full trying to protect her. So, it’s not possible to protect Emilia by leaving her behind.”


Emilia looked down sadly.


(Eee…… if I say her so, it can’t be helped, then.)


It’s easy to see who the boy in front of her wanted to protect.
If you watch from the side as he spent time with that person, you can understand how much he cares about her.


During that time, he should leave her────It’s impossible for him, even if the other person is a princess.


“……I understand. I’m sorry to ask you something unreasonable.”


Emilia gave up on Julis and tried to turn away and leave.


Cecilia akhirnya sampai di depan makhluk buas itu.

Perbedaan ukurannya begitu besar sehingga ia harus mendongak untuk melihat wajah binatang itu, dan Cecilia yang ramping akan terinjak-injak dalam sekejap.


"Aku ngerti...... aku ngerti kok, Julis ......"

Cecilia memeluk kaki depan yang besar dan kokoh itu.

"Itu pedih, kan? Itu menyiksa, kan? Aku yakin Julis berusaha ngelindungin seseorang terus menjadi kaya gini....... Beneran deh, Julis itu baik banget. Biarpun dia sangat menderita sendiri."

Makhluk buas itu mengarahkan kaki depannya yang lain ke Cecilia, mencoba menarik Cecilia yang memeluknya menjauh.



"I, ini......"

Kaki depan itu berhenti tepat pada waktunya.

Cecilia tidak terluka, dan kaki depan itu berhenti tanpa tanda perlawanan.

Namun penderitaan itu muncul dalam bentuk teriakan.



"Aku belum bisa balas budi sama Julis buat segalanya...... Julis selalu ngelindungi aku, tapi aku terus banyak ngerepotin Julis.────Cuma ini yang bisa aku lakuin buat Julis sekarang."

Cecilia menguatkan lengannya yang memeluk kaki depan itu.

Ia ingin kehangatannya dirasakan, ia ingin perasaannya tersampaikan.

Cecilia tersenyum lembut pada makhluk buas itu, mengatakan kepadanya bahwa tidak apa-apa sekarang, bahwa dia tidak perlu berusaha terlalu keras.

"Aku bakal ada di sisi Julis...... sepanjang waktu, sepanjang masa. Julis ngga cocok sama penampilan kaya gitu, tahu? Kalo kamu balik lagi ke Julis yang biasanya, yang konyol, yang bisa diandalin, sama yang lembut.────Aku bakal seneng banget."

“Well, wait.”


Emilia reflexively turned around.
Then Julis took out a small crystal from his pocket and threw it at Emilia.


“…… This is?”


Emilia caught the small crystal with both hands and peered into its transparent contents curiously.


“It’s a magical device that sends an emergency signal to a designated destination. If you’re about to be attacked, shatter it with all your might────and I’ll come running to you.”


Emilia’s eyes widened at Julis’ remark.


“It’s impossible for me to escort all the time, but if Emilia is about to be attacked, I can at least help her.”
“W, why……?”

“As I said before, I’m no saint. If anything, I’m a wicked sorcerer who has mastered deadly sins────but I’m not so sloth as to leave a girl in danger when I know she’s in danger. Besides, I owe you for helping Cecilia today.”


Julis had mastered his power in order to protect his loved ones and not be ridiculed.
Of course, at the root of it all, there was also “salvation”────and just like with Mirabelle, he had the heart to help those who were in need right in front of him.


“Of course, Cecilia is the priority. Don’t get it wrong, okay?”
“Th, thank you very much……!”


Emilia then held the crystal as if it was a treasure, gave a big bow to Julis, and walked away quickly.
Emilia’s expression at the end was one of relief, and she looked happy and slightly weepy.


“……I thought it would be enough if I could only save Cecilia, but────it seems my greed has gotten the better of me.”

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Helping everyone…… is greed.
A person can only help as many people as he/she can wrap his/her hands around. Absolutely, if you help someone, someone else will be sacrificed.


Therefore, the person who is called a hero in this world is a symbol of greed.
That’s what Julis thought.


In the back of the campus building, where Emilia had gone, Julis’s solitary complaint remained in silence.


[To be Continued]

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