The Deadly Sins Sorcerer v1c1

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Arc 1 Admission to Royal Magic Academy


~Half a year ago~

On a single road in a remote area of a country.
The road is often traveled by peddlers on their way to other territories.

There, a group of people who were not peddlers were traveling along the road.
Dozens of armed soldiers surrounded the carriage, giving the impression that they were under full guard.

Even ordinary peddlers hire guards.
However, the group passing this road now was different and had a different air as well.
The carriage was glittering, colored in precious white and golden, it looked divine, and the escort soldiers were showing expert gait.

From an outsider’s point of view, it would be easy to see that a very important person was riding inside the carriage.
When the people saw this, they showed interest, the nobles bowed, and the bandits ────


“Th, the bandits have appeareeeeeddd!!!”


────think that they’re good prey.



“That’s the biggest one we’ve ever had here!”

“Take the women alive!”


The bandits appeared from the cliffs and attacked the group as they walked along a straight road with a great view.
They must have been planning an ambush. Their coordinated movements were as if they had been expecting the group to show up.


“All personnels, protect The Saintess!”

“””Roger that!”””


However, despite the sudden attack, the knights on the escort did not show any agitation and formed a protective perimeter around the carriage.
Whether it was a commission, or anything….. they don’t know for sure, but the strong will to “protect at all costs” was still felt.


However, the number of bandits is more than three times that of dozens of knights.
Even though they were skilled knights, their numbers were at an overwhelming disadvantage. Moreover, the bandits appeared from the cliffs on both sides, and there was nowhere to run or hide.
The situation could be called the worst.


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“I, I’ll fight too!”


A girl jumped out of the carriage.
With her beautiful blond hair swept up, she stomped her trembling feet and said to the knights who were trying to protect her from the bandits who were about to attack her.


“No, Lady Saintess! Please take your leave!”

“Leave this to us and hurry up get out of here!”

“B, but!”

“With this difference in the number of people, we cannot control this place! Therefore, even Lady Saintess alone, you must run away!”


Right, An experienced knight will know immediately.
In this situation, they will never be able to defeat the bandits. They can’t save themselves, but they might be able to save the saintess.


“I, I’m not going to leave you guys behind.”


The girl called the saintess shouted bravely.
But she doesn’t realize that this is a very foolish act.


“You guys, it’s time to hunt!”



Anyone can predict what will happen after.







At the training ground where the members of the knight order practiced hard.
As an instructor, I was teaching swords to all the Knights.

"Then, the next step is to swing the sword a thousand times. You won't improve just by swinging blindly. You need to imagine the opponent's movement."
""A, thousand times?""
"Kaizer-san. Are you sure you not making a mistake one digit?"
"Oh, right."
"When I and Elsa were in the village, we used to swing 10,000 times a day, but, you guys won't be done until the day changes, will you?
""You misinterpret the word mistake on one digit, are you?""

The standard of my and Elsa's training was probably too high, and most of them couldn't follow even the light menu.

"Come on, you'd better hurry up or it's going to get dark."

I clapped my hands and urged them.
The knights began to swing their swords while screaming.
As the warming up, they were running ten times around the training ground with their armor on, few of them could swing their swords properly.

"Is Knight Commander Elsa doing this training from an early age..."
"I thought she was a genuine genius swordsman.....that's why she's so strong.. we didn't even reach half effort she did."
"Either Kaizer-dono or Knight Commander Elsa is outrageous..."

I saw the helpless knights and mumbled.

"Umm. Looks like our normal isn't everyone's normal.''
"I was surprised when I came to the royal capital, because the training of the Knights, which was known to be tough, was felt only in lukewarm water. The training I had done with chichiue was, to most people, out of the norm."

Elsa murmured next to me.

"I didn't mean to be particularly strict...."
"I think so, too"

The knights couldn't endure the training and exhausted. Then one by one, they fell like a broken doll.
But, one person among them――.


“Damn, I thought there’d be a lot of women there because it’s so gorgeous, …… but there’s only one woman, huh.”

“But head! This girl’s pretty well dressed!”

“And a lot of gold and decorations!”


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A few moments later.
The jubilant voices of the bandits who had made this area their territory and had caused so much trouble in the country rang out.


“E, everyone…….”


In addition, the girl’s desperate voice was also echoing.
…… Well, that’s not unreasonable. The reason is that the corpses of the knights who had protected her were rolling around.


The girl slumped down and desperately reached for the corpses.
A pale light leaked from her hand.


“I’m sure she’s a priestess ──── by the looks of her, she’s a high ranking one.”


The bandit called the head muttered at the girl’s appearance.
The only one who emits a faint light is a priest or a healing magician. However, the girl in front of him was dressed differently from an adventurer.


Therefore, she must be a priestess.


“If she’s a priest, we can sell her for a fair amount of money!”

“Well, the aristocrats of today want to own that kind of existence. …… Or we could just blackmail the church into paying for her.”


The head thinks.
The way to handle this girl.


Those who are captured by bandits, without exception, do not have a bright future.
She can be sold as a slave to some nobleman, become the plaything of bandits, ……or be killed.


Hence, he’s troubled
Either way, it’s enough for the bandits to throw a party.


(It’s been a long time since we’ve had a top grade……. It would be a shame to kill her.)


She looks pretty good. In addition to that, she’s escorted by such a luxurious carriage────probably she is in a considerable position.
No bandit believes in the goddess.


Therefore, no matter what he do with the priestess in front of him, there is no resistance.


“Well, enough….. oi! Somebody take her!”



With a signal from the head, one of the bandits reached out to the girl.

Cecilia akhirnya sampai di depan makhluk buas itu.

Perbedaan ukurannya begitu besar sehingga ia harus mendongak untuk melihat wajah binatang itu, dan Cecilia yang ramping akan terinjak-injak dalam sekejap.


"Aku ngerti...... aku ngerti kok, Julis ......"

Cecilia memeluk kaki depan yang besar dan kokoh itu.

"Itu pedih, kan? Itu menyiksa, kan? Aku yakin Julis berusaha ngelindungin seseorang terus menjadi kaya gini....... Beneran deh, Julis itu baik banget. Biarpun dia sangat menderita sendiri."

Makhluk buas itu mengarahkan kaki depannya yang lain ke Cecilia, mencoba menarik Cecilia yang memeluknya menjauh.



"I, ini......"

Kaki depan itu berhenti tepat pada waktunya.

Cecilia tidak terluka, dan kaki depan itu berhenti tanpa tanda perlawanan.

Namun penderitaan itu muncul dalam bentuk teriakan.



"Aku belum bisa balas budi sama Julis buat segalanya...... Julis selalu ngelindungi aku, tapi aku terus banyak ngerepotin Julis.────Cuma ini yang bisa aku lakuin buat Julis sekarang."

Cecilia menguatkan lengannya yang memeluk kaki depan itu.

Ia ingin kehangatannya dirasakan, ia ingin perasaannya tersampaikan.

Cecilia tersenyum lembut pada makhluk buas itu, mengatakan kepadanya bahwa tidak apa-apa sekarang, bahwa dia tidak perlu berusaha terlalu keras.

"Aku bakal ada di sisi Julis...... sepanjang waktu, sepanjang masa. Julis ngga cocok sama penampilan kaya gitu, tahu? Kalo kamu balik lagi ke Julis yang biasanya, yang konyol, yang bisa diandalin, sama yang lembut.────Aku bakal seneng banget."




The girl who had been desperately reaching for the corpse lying beside her earlier was frightened by the bandit’s hand.
The girl knew what the bandits would do to her if they caught her.


She couldn’t put any strength into her body.
She tried to scream, but her voice was choked and she couldn’t speak.


“Head, can’t we just play her first?”

“No, no. I’ll play with that one first.”

“Ee~i……, then after you?”

“……You can, as long as you don’t break her.”

“That’s Head for us!”


The exchange made her even more terrified. She felt as if her own end was just around the corner.
And even more so when the bandit with the vulgar smile on his face reached out to her.


(Please save me, …… O God!)


Her cry was directed to the heavens.
But no words came back from heaven.




“Gather round and rob money and goods────That’s Greed.”

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Suddenly, the bandit in front of her collapsed.
Unlike the knight who protected the girl by splashing blood and agony, he did not leave any scream.


“Wh, what the hell happened?”


The head of the bandit shouted out when he saw the scene.
In response, the stunned bandits began to panic at once.


“Asking others instead of trying to understand the scene that happened in front of you────Isn’t that Sloth?”


That voice can be heard again.
But this time, everyone was not confused.
It was because the owner of the voice suddenly appeared in front of them, carrying a bloody sword.


“…… Y, you are?”

“…… Sorry I’m late.”


Without saying his name, the boy gave the girl an apologetic, gently reassuring …… and indescribable look.


The girl was puzzled.
How did the boy in front of her appear? Why did the man in front of her with the vulgar smile fall?


(C, could it be …… that he is the Lord Hero sent by the God?)


Did he appear at the God’s sending because she had asked the God for help?
……Well, that’s not really the case.


But however, the boy’s origins are irrelevant now.
It’s the fact that he has appeared at this moment and is smiling kindly at her, that is what she needs to think about.


“Who the hell are you?”


The bandit’s head raged.
No wonder. His men had been killed right in front of him.


He didn’t know how or what happened, but it’s clear that this boy in front of him did something.
That’s why the head pointed the tip of the knife that he had in his pocket at the boy.


But the boy was undaunted.
With an irreverent, disgusted look in his eyes, he proudly defended the girl, and saying,


“There is no name for a fool covered in greed.”


With that, the boy jumped at the group of bandits.

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